REAL ESTATE LEASE. This Lease Agreement (this "Lease") is dated. , by and between. ("Landlord"), and. ("Tenant"). The parties agree as follows: and car ...
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This is Sharon born Holt and I wanted to take just a couple of minutes today and talk about the sales and purchase agreement I get so many questions about filling out one of these contracts and it's really very simple what I have here is the actual agreement that I use in my business it was drafted by my closing attorney and it is the one that he uses when he buys an investment property it is drop-dead simple to use it is a one-page very simple contract and in Kentucky you any well anyone can use this sort of a form now if you are a licensed real estate agent then you are probably going to have to use board of realtor forms and we also have an investor form here for that but I'm going to go through this quickly I have a little disclaimer that I'm in the state of Kentucky so be sure to check with your attorney or your closing people and be sure that this form is okay to use in your state so the first thing that we do is to of course fill in the date you want to have the date that you are signing the contract of filling out the contract put that date up there and then this next part says that they give the described property and they will list the deed book in the page now you don't have to fill that out your closing company can fill that out I usually go ahead and put it in here for the a to be closing it's listed on our PVA or tax assessor site so I will put that in there now you wouldn't put that in there if you're double closing for the BTC closing because you won't know what that is until the a to be closing is actually recorded so until you get used to doing this I would just leave that blank because they're going to check that anyway so then next I put my accounting which is Jefferson County in the state of Kentucky you would need to fill in that blank and these are things that I have plugged into my form so they say stay there and I've highlighted them just so that's a little bit easier for you to read now I always buy property in a Land Trust and I always buy it in the the address of the property so in this instance I have put 1 2 3 Main Street Land Trust Louisville Kentucky 402 4 1 the reason I do that is because if you start naming your land trusts something like the blue dollar Land Trust and the the red farmland trust and all of that you will never be able to figure out down the road if you need to get your hands on these contracts or these pieces of paper what the heck they are so it's just easy to name them in this manner you really don't want to be buying property in your personal name anyway for liability reasons so the next thing is how much am I paying the sum of and I just put $50,000 in here for adjust the amount so you want to spell it out and you want to have numbers for clarification this stays in my contract how am I going to pay them for the property all cash your closing you put this in if it doesn't matter if you're getting money from a private lender if you're using a duster friendly bank you're using your IRA doesn't...